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See for example this reference in the Journal of Biology Another example is the Journal of Medical Internet Research - almost all articles in this Journal cite URLs, and since 2005 all are archived.

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This format should only be used in a reference where the original URL is still visible: Plunkett, John.

"Sorrell accuses Murdoch of panic buying", The Guardian, October 27, 2005, URL: Archived at Fl on December 4th, 2006. "Sorrell accuses Murdoch of panic buying", The Guardian, October 27, 2005, archived URL:

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If you are a journal or book editor, publisher, or copyeditor, the first thing you should do is to insert a note in your "Instructions for authors" (example) asking your authors to use to permanently archive all cited webpages and websites, and to cite the archived copy in addition to the original link.

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They do this by encouraging their editors to instruct their authors and copyeditors to cache all cited URLs "prospectively" before submission or during the copyediting process, respectively, and/or by submitting manuscript XML files to Web Cite can comb through the manuscript and archive cited webpages automatically. Another problem is that cited webpages may change, so that readers see something different than what the citing author saw.The problem of unstable webcitations and the lack of routine digital preservation of cited digital objects has been referred to as an issue "calling for an immediate response" by publishers and authors [1].url=media.uk/site/story/0,14173,1601858,00.html&date=2006-12-04 These are just examples, the actual citation formats preferred by different editors may differ.Most style guides currently give little or no guidance on how to cite URLs and their archived version, but most editors will accept something along the lines of citing the original URL together with the archived URL in a submitted manuscript.

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