Updating modern style exterior

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It's perhaps the exact opposite of what we would choose and I'm really looking forward to prying it off.

Browsing custom house number plaques in a mid-century modern style on Etsy makes me giddy.

To keep a mid-century modern–style space from looking cold, layer on some textured accents.

The simple addition of a faux-fur throw and a textured bedspread make this minimalist bedroom instantly inviting.

So far we've tugged our home towards the modern with furniture choices, such as a couch with a low profile and straight lines, a calm light grey interior paint color and by keeping our stuff to a minimum (which is done more of simplifying our daily lives rather than for the modern look but it's a two-for-one). This spring we're planning to make these updates: Paint house exterior.

Currently our house is blah brown and the color scheme throughout the neighborhood is pretty much brown on tan on beige.

House numbers are really just to help people find your house, right? These are authentic Eichler house numbers, available from Eichler Numbers.

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We're not sure yet what the quote will be and we're taking suggestions so if you have an idea please let me know!The letters are thin but with a deep-set profile that gives them a three-dimensional effect.My heart goes pitter-patter for updated mid-century modern ranch homes with clean lines and architectural detail. But as we make simple cosmetic changes we're finding that a modern aesthetic actually works really well on our house and more and more its becoming a house that makes my heart go pitter-patter, too.An indoor-outdoor connection was core to the design of the ranch house, an iconic Western design popularized in large part by architect Cliff May.In this new rendition, that connection is helped along through tricked-out features, including a glass wall that rolls up and an adjustable patio “sun visor” powered by hydraulics.

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