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She has green eyes and light brown hair and lists her occupation as “English Teacher.” Check that out, you won’t even have to learn Russian!I swear, I will be surprised if she’s not scooped up by some handsome Western Man before summer of next year.I’ve always been a sucker for hazel, blue and green eyes and in this photo, you can see that she has really pretty eyes: She says that she is looking for a man no older than 40 years old.So, if you are a Western Man, aged about 35-40, why not?I like long walks near the sea, lead a healthy lifestyle, going in for sports. I usually treat people the way I want them to treat me. I am an optimistic woman and I know, that I will find a person whom I'm looking for. My hobby is painting I do like it I'm inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh. I like to take care about people, whom I love and to make them happy. I am a woman who combines the qualities of a successful specialist and woman, who can become the guardian of the hearth. :)) I live in the beautiful city and I love doing sports near the sea and watching sunset...I hope soon I will not be alone at these happy moments!

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I think that is fine if you’re just dating, but if you’re considering marriage, children or just a long term relationship, remember that women (and men) put on weight over time – better to start off a little thin and go medium than to start of medium and go fat!

I take care of my daughter, who is still very small that’s why can’t spend much time to the job of my dream, but I know that in future I will be a famous designer. I have been along for a long time and had relations only once in my life.

I am not a very experienced woman and I hope my man will be my teacher, my lover and my friend.

I thought that she seemed to be an “average” Eastern European Woman so I thought I would highlight her profile here.

Actually, I think this will become a regular feature; from time to time, we will highlight an Eastern European Woman’s profile and compare it to a Western profile that I’ve pulled from e Harmony or Match dot com.

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