Parents and teenagers opinions on dating

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There comes a time when sometimes elderly need to have some compassion and unselfishness for their children and grandchildren. Your parents never gave up on you when you were a child." That is plain ridiculous. In the developed world no one needs to be changing their adult parents diaper and all the rest that comes with it. Expecting someone to work all day then come home and do that is ridiculous.We were getting ready to put both parents on Medicaid in nursing home because outliving their money omg what to do w them now both in wheelchairs am in my 70’s w own health issues so hard to live in this cruel world Many people live beyond their quality of life. Nobody over 75 should be on multiple bp medications. An adult parent, who is 60,70,80,100 has been on this earth long enough to know that they shouldn't be a selfish, narcissistic, ass. And, keep in mind, if the aging parent is 90, the adult child is around 60. Heck, I've seen aging parents outlive their adult kids because the physical and mental demands of caring for a difficult aging parent killed the adult child.She's made my life hell my entire 53 years and I have never loved her.She's in assisted living now and I finally have my life back. I'll pay her bills and deal w/ paperwork but I have zero interest in visiting.I have always taken care of her as had my late sister. Dear Anonymous, Nowhere in my post did I say I had an idyllic life.I am so stressed out that I feel myself sinking every day. I chose to rain single and without child - I never felt that I was "mom" material - quite at a loss of nurturing growing up. But for better or worse, I had a responsibility and a moral imperative to do the right thing no matter what. There are people out there who can help and there's zero shame in asking for help.She's always been an abusive, nasty, hateful person and the dementia makes it worse. I'm 53 taking care of my 90 yr old mother 19 years total with 5 being harder each year. Guilt feeling the way I do used to shrug it off saying it's not that bad but it is. Work all day to commute home to the same thing over and over.Honestly I wish she would just die and completely release me from dealing w/ her. Weekends are a challenge all day long dealing with the repetition.

We gave up our lives for her and now to put her in a home Medicare will take the house we are just ready to let that happen and get our lives back our lives are a living hell with her she is mean and nasty with me which now I have cameras up to show her son the evil mother he has.I am not at a lack of compassion or empathy - I have been an RN for 35 years. When someone is old and increasingly helpless, they aren't that different that infants. I'm a grown up and the process was no walk in the park. When a parent or in my case in law makes your life a living hell its very hard.Yes - I am burned out and resentful with caring for my Mom of 92 years. And my mom sure as hell wouldn't be caring for me if I were dependent at home after 30 years. I agree with that statement I’ve been doing this for a ungrateful narcissist mind you there was plenty of help but she has thrown everybody out her choice so now it’s our CHOICE to put her in assisted living. I'm sure you had a lot to deal with - it's obvious you still haven't dealt with it fully. In my case she had a stroke she has recovered she can walk. They are stubborn and care less about peoples around them. I feel like I am taking care of nasty children Even if you treat them well they still manage to badmouth you. Admitting these thoughts makes me feel like a monster... When I try to tell them I need a break all I hear is "I don't know what your problem is. We'd take her in a minute but she wants to be with you." My response "please, oh please do. At least for a while." I don't like this person I've become. The worst thing, the thing that eats me with guilt - there are days I wish God would take her home to heaven so I don't have to do this anymore.

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