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Specific provisions of the new law are listed below.New legislation passed by the Arkansas general assembly and signed into law by the Arkansas governor will add the following new subsections to Arkansas adoption law. While the bill (AB372 sponsored by then Majority Whip Assembly woman Fiona Ma) passed unanimously through the Assembly Judiciary Committee, it stalled in the Appropriations when a staggering million price tag was attached.

In addition to the original birth certificate, HB-690 also provides for release of the court documents pertaining to the adoption which are contained in the sealed file at the Department of Vital Statistics.A confidential intermediary program is also available to adult adoptees, birth parents, and certain relatives of either.See Passive registry for adult adoptees (18) and birth parents maintained by the Division of Children and Family Services.A birth parent may change their prefernce at any time in the future.In addition, birth parents who had their identifying information removed from the copy of the original birth certificate sent to their son/daughter upon request may change their preference at any time.

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