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Apart from the guy with the metal cock ring, perhaps.

While the majority of the men who sat down across from me avoided staring at my breasts, this man was more than happy to express his thoughts on my body. ‘I’ve chosen to come along because of the novelty’, he says.

I know what you’re thinking and no, speed dating nights are not a melting pot for unattractive people.

I’d definitely do this again.’ Overall, the people who attended this event were just normal men and women with a good sense of humour, eager to try something new.

The orgy that both Ryall and I had expected didn’t happen, though. People having sex in the toilets, people breaking into venues because their boyfriend was there, cat-fights and drunk people fighting.

I thought tonight we’d break that.’ As he blew his whistle and told us it was time to get our clothes back on, there were disappointed sighs across the room.

At first, I anticipated that most of the women and men would keep their underwear on. There’s a special camaraderie in being naked and vulnerable together, so the pressure was off.

But, in the end, only one man and three women kept their underwear on. Not because this was a willy and vagina free-for-all-fest. Friends Sam, 26, and Gemma, 27, came to the event together and during the break, told me about their experiences. ‘I thought it was going to be awkward and weird, because you can see everything, but it hasn’t been pervy or gross.

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