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To sum up, you want to guide netizens obliquely and let them change their focus without realising it. For example, during the census, everyone will be talking about its truthfulness or necessity; then I’ll post jokes that appeared in the census.Or, in other instances, I would publish adverts to take up space on political news reports.Can you tell us a specific, typical process of “guiding public opinion”?For example, each time the oil price is about to go up, we’ll receive a notification to “stabilise the emotions of netizens and divert public attention”.When there’s an unexpected event, the compensation might be higher. So, with limited information, it’s very difficult for them to express a political view. Do you have to believe in the viewpoints you express? But you still have to say it, because it’s your job. There’s nothing to be concerned about in Chinese politics.If you work together to guide public opinion on a hot topic and several dozen people are posting, the compensation for those days counts for more. We just have to do as they say and there won’t be any mistakes. It’s calculated on a monthly basis, according to quantity and quality. It’s possible they could earn thousands of yuan a month. Sometimes, if you don’t guide them, they really will believe in rumours. Do you think the government has the right to guide public opinion? But in China, the government absolutely must interfere and guide public opinion.

Slowly, the content of the whole page has also changed from oil price to what I’ve said. Because I do this, I can tell at a glance that about 10 to 20 per cent out of the tens of thousands of comments posted on a forum are made by online commentators. For example, when Sars and the melamine in milk case broke out, people tended to choose not to trust the government when faced with the choices of “Don’t trust rumours” and “Don’t trust the government”.In sum, you want to create illusions to attract the attention and comments of netizens. What are the categories of information that you usually receive? They cover over 60 to 70 per cent of local instructions – for example, people who are filing complaints or petitioning.In a forum, there are three roles for you to play: the leader, the follower, the onlooker or unsuspecting member of the public. For countrywide events, such as the Jasmine Revolution [the pro-democracy protests that took place across the country in 2011], do you get involved? Can you tell us the content of the commentary you usually write?The commentators are known as the 50-Cent Party, as they are said to be paid 50 cents for every post that steers a discussion away from anti-party content or that advances the Communist Party line. What is your level of education and work experience?Below is the transcript of Ai’s interview with an online commentator. How did you begin the work of guiding public opinion? I once worked for a TV channel, then in online media.

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