Dating tatooed women

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The best tattoos are just like the best clothes it should be about the ones you wear, not the ones that wear you.

A woman certainly knows how to put herself together; she knows what looks good on her.

There's something kind of cool and wild about them that I guess I don't see in myself," explains Ryan, 26, to that 85% of the women surveyed viewed men with tattoos as more fun, and 68% associated them with confidence.

In fact, Ok Cupid co-founder Christian Rudder analyzed what makes people appear attractive on the dating site and found that women garner interest by playing up what makes them unique.

She feels strongly about what she has tattooed on her skin - they are constant reminders of an important time in her life"-Ashley Duvan.

She's dedicated and intense, and that intensity shows up in all areas of her life.

Not only do people make assumptions that those with tattoos might be more willing to talk to a stranger, but tattoos are a conversation piece for that opening line — "Where'd you get that? I do find women, and a handful of men, with tattoos attractive.Speaking as a tattooed woman myself, the art I have on my body is sort of like a preview for what matters to me. When it comes to tattooed women it’s good to notice the art they’re sporting (notice…not stare.) The tattoos on a women's skin can be easily traced to her heart, get to know her and you'll see why. Women who have tattoos are full of them, and they're usually good ones.Not like "one time and band camp" more like "one time I fell five stories and lived" or something to that level of suspense.In short, a tattooed, passionate, individual, confident female is a keeper that mom should get to know. Authentic is what you get with a woman covered in tattoos. A committed, passionate, woman with tattoos has layer upon layer of character.Chances are she's been there and done it so whatever it is, she's not going to judge it. She doesn't do things like everybody else and that's a very good thing. She's a heart-on-the-sleeve, kind because she means it type of woman.

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