Cougar dating blogs

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Strange how men are perceived to be in crisis or as benefactors, while women are seen as predators.

A predator is one who hunts, but as is the case with me and many women in my age bracket, we are being actively pursued by the younger generation of men who claim to be seeking the balance, maturity, wisdom, experience and grounding that comes with an older woman.

And Gustavo, have you been involved with older women in real life?

Gustavo: In the past, I have only dated women my own age.

Anne, have you been involved with younger men before?

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One was 12 years younger, one was 8 years younger, and one was 4 years younger.

It's even easier to fool yourself into thinking that the other person wants more than just sex.

It's extremely difficult to find happiness within yourself.

By common definition and analysis I would classify as a ‘cougar’…

and middle aged men seeking much younger women tend to classify as going through “a mid-life crisis” or referred to as “sugar daddy’s”.

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