Bret favre dating life

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While in Tampa for Super Bowl week, she set her sights on manager Phil Reese.“I thought she was very charismatic,” Reese said in an exclusive interview, in which he agreed to tell the story of Sterger’s dealings with sexual harassment and the NFL.“My boobs were not only the first thing some producers saw,” she wrote in the story. “I knew it was going to be an absolute disaster for everyone involved,” he said.“They were also the only thing.” The magazine spread was supposed to be the beginning of a new chapter for Sterger, Reese said. His advice to his client: Cooperate with the NFL investigation, and keep your lips sealed to the press. “Everyone said Jenn was in it for the exposure and the money,” Reese said.15, 2005, when a TV camera’s pan of the bleachers found her sitting pretty in a tight pair of jeans shorts, a bikini top and a cowboy hat at the Florida State-University of Miami football game.Overnight, Sterger, now 27, gained a cult following.“She wanted to be seen as Jenn, not as a chest.” Reese agreed to take her on as a client. Send me a text, I’d love to see you tonight,” the married Favre said in a voice mail.But he couldn’t predict how her sex-kitten past would come pawing back. After Sterger declined to be set up on a date with Favre, she allegedly received photos of his penis.

“She mentioned she wanted to get the implants removed, and I was all for it,” said Reese, who scored her a spread in Cosmopolitan magazine, where she talked about removing her breast implants. Reese said he was informed of the story the night before it went live.

“Someone else wanted Jenn to host an event with a porn star.” That same month, Sterger lost her job at Versus, purportedly because of “anemic” ratings.

Favre was fined ,000 for failing to cooperate with the NFL probe, but the league said it could not determine that he violated its conduct policy.

But less than a year later, her attempt to be acknowledged as something other than the “hot chick” derailed spectacularly. 7, 2010, the sports Web site Deadspin published e-mails, voice mails and pictures Sterger allegedly received from Favre when he was the Jets’ quarterback. “I thought, if she doesn’t do any interviews and take any undignified deals, she can’t be viewed like that.” Reese said he and Sterger together turned down 0,000 worth of offers, many of which Reese ruled out because he thought they were bogus offers, or publicity stunts.

“Someone who worked with a bunch of Tiger Woods mistresses wanted to do a collaboration on paid opportunities for interviews,” Reese said.

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