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The Illinois Basin covers southern Illinois, western Kentucky and western Indiana.Oil and natural gas have been produced in the Illinois basin from Paleozoic rocks.Three to five hundred million years ago Illinois was a shallow tropical ocean located near the equator at that time.The ocean left huge thicknesses of sand sediment behind which became sandstone. These shells and fragments of shells made of calcium carbonate combined to form limestone. When reading the novel, I pictured the robes of the three women exactly as they appear in the film. The viewer learns a lot about the characters by what is placed around them, at their homes.It presents us with some ideas about sexual power in a new way. In this film, we are very explicitly shown women overpowering men.If it were not explicit, no one would be talking about it.It is almost as if a gut reaction from seeing something that looks real is necessary to get a strong reaction in an audience, to make them engage with a film.

When Daniel is forced to masterbate infront of the three women, he is told that some men would pay to do what he is doing.During the Paleozoic Era the rocks were periodically bent and folded.The earth’s crust periodically sank, creating the broad, depression called the Illinois basin. A failed rift occurs when continental rifting (when the Earth’s crust and outer layer are pulled apart) began, but then failed to continue.By showing this, it makes room for discussion about sexual politics and the roles that men and women play in society.When Daniel tries to tell the police what happened to him and they laugh it off, we are shown that society in general sees men as sexual perverts.

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