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When I woke up, the sun was shining, and the two women were wrapped up around each other. You would think that college has girls and sex everywhere. How amazing and ironic it would be to leave my old bed covered in the sweat of our love?

Except when she raised her head slowly from her exhausted slumber, she saw four black silk scarves, still tied to each of the bedposts, offering her definitive proof. It was two o’clock on Saturday afternoon and she knew that although her cleaning and ironing duties should last three hours she was unlikely to leave much before eight o’clock. He took half an hour trying to persuade dad to take a breath test, but he was far too drunk and in the end, he was arrested along with Matt for refusing. It began as a simple family vacation, a camping trip out in the wilderness.

Within minutes of our arrival, the heavens opened, leaving us all scattering for shelter in our four-wheeler truck,... We always have a hard time finding new spots for sex. Hotels, cars, parking lots, movie theaters, showers, you name it.

Read On Added: | Category: Incest | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,556 | Tags: mother son father daughter stripping arousal handjob | 12 Comments The wife swap continues for a second day. The one place I always wanted to do it was my old home.

What with flat-screen televisions and surround sound systems many homes boasted it was a risk. Read On Added: | Category: Trans | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,345 | Tags: theater back row brunette shorts heels nylons masturbation | 1 Comment The continuing adventures of Emmanuelle Sarah smiled at me. I love you as much as the day we married.' Hugging her, I reminded her that as that had only been two months earlier, it was rather good.

On tippy toes, I kissed her, tasting her sweetness, loving her scent; our love buoyed me up. Our marriage had brought us to share Sarah's house in Kensington, and I had managed... I went to my workstation to take a drink from the bottle of water I kept there. Read On Added: | Category: True | Avg Score: 4.6 | Words: 4,197 | Tags: teen wife affair cheating nineteen-year-old girl sofa-sex infatuation tights | 4 Comments A summer afternoon leads to fun in the shower.

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